Aluminum Foil Casserole And Lid

Product Details

Product name

Aluminum Foil Casserole And Lid

Product specification

Material: aluminum, 99.7% aluminum foil

Type: container

Use: food

Thickness of foil: 55-70 mic

Alloy: 8011/3003

Temper: H24

Hardness: half hard aluminum foil

Smell: no smell

Color: Sliver aluminum foil color

Product applications

Aluminum foil casserole and lid is suitable for food dry powder, milk powder, coffee powder, seasoning, chicken powder, dried fruit, candy, biscuits, tea and other packaging fields.

Product features

1. Safe, hygienic, non-toxin-free, non-polluting and practical and aesthetically pleasing;

2. Light weight, good heat conduction, moisture proof, airtight, shading, corrosion resistance, high and low temperature resistance, fresh preservation, no odor, can be directly heated into the steamer oven, and the food can maintain its color and taste;

3. Low carbon environmental protection, pollution reduction, and high recycling of resources. The quality of the aluminum material recovered from the waste of aluminum foil is basically unchanged after being melted by electric energy at a high temperature.