Wooden Corks

Product Details

Product name

Wooden Corks

Product specifications

1)Any size can do according to requirement.

2)Material: wooden 

3)Type: stopper

4)Feature:  Non Spill

5)color: customized

6)Keywords: stopper , wine cork , bottle cork wooden cork

Product advantages

Whether the material is natural or synthetic, it can achieve a sealing effect and is not limited by shape.

1. Sealing of high-grade alcohol packaging, such as: wine, champagne, fruit wine, rice wine, etc.

2. A variety of crafts accessories.

3. Packaging of special bottled liquids. Such as: high-grade vegetable oil.

Product features

1. Different design, colors and size for your reference.

2. It is hygienic, non-toxic and safe for human use.

3. Cork does not contain any nutrients, so there will be no moth erosion.