Amber Beer Glass Bottle

Product Details

Product name

Amber Beer Glass Bottle

Product specification

Volume: 120ML, 300ML, 330ML, 350ML, 620ML,650ML, 750ML, 1L

Material: glass

Usage: beer packing

Colors: amber 

Surface: frosting, silkscreen, logo printing, hot stamping, polishing, electroplate UV and other craftsmanship

Product descriptions

This amber beer glass bottle is made with high duty amber glass. It can be used for packaging home brewed or micro brewed beer. It has long neck and can be used with any standard crown bottle cap. The amber glass can filter light and help protect the beer from light-receiving reactions.

Product features

1. Amber color is ideal for filtering light and protecting your home brew.

2. Our durable glass beer bottles are built to last.

3. These bottles can store homemade beverages, beer, iced tea, Kombucha, sauces and dressings with these air-tight sealed, reusable bottles, completely leak proof. 

4. These bottles have excellent design and they are easy to clean.