Clear Beer Glass Bottle

Product Details

Product name

Clear Beer Glass Bottle

Product specification

Name: clear beer glass bottle 

Size: volume120ML, 300ML, 330ML, 350ML, 620ML, 750ML, 1L

Material: glass

Usage: beer packing

MOQ: 50000-200000pcs according to different capacity 

Color: clear

Surface: frosting, silkscreen, logo printing, hot stamping, polishing, electroplate UV and other craftsmanship

Product descriptions

The main characteristics of the glass bottle are: non-toxic, odorless; transparent, beautiful, good barrier, airtight, common raw materials, low price, and can be used repeatedly. It has the advantages of heat resistance, pressure resistance and washing resistance. It can be sterilized at high temperature or stored at low temperature.

Product features

1. It uses safe food-grade glass. It is made of high-quality glass. The bottles will not add tastes, scents or textures to the liquids they hold, even after a long period of time.

2. This clear bottle can display your beverages and juices. The clear glass allows you to display the contents and see how much is left without opening it up.

3. It adopts elegant and sturdy design. The beautiful glass bottles are made of durable transparent glass built for reuse.

4. The strong glass body offers superior resistance to impact and temperature changes. 

5. It uses durable and healthy glass. The thick, sturdy glass won't absorb odors, flavors or stains or leach chemicals or flavors into your beverage.