Rum Glass Bottle

Product Details

Product name

Rum Glass Bottle

Product specification

Size: volume 750ML, 375ML, 500ML,175ML,1L

Material: glass

Usage: packing

Colors: flint

Surface: frosting, silkscreen, logo printing, hot stamping, polishing, electroplate UV and other craftsmanship

Product description

Rum glass bottle is mainly used for the packing of high end liquor such as whiskey, rum, brandy, etc.. Through the unique bottle shape design, the glass bottle not only satisfies the requirements of product packaging, but also makes the container have certain art, decoration and display value, satisfying the spirit and psychological needs of consumers.

Product advantages

1. This glass wine bottle is suitable for liquor such as martell XO wine, brandy and vodka.

2. Frosting, painting, silk printing or engraving on the bottle is available.We specialize in customizing customer's design.

3. The bottle is suitable for party, wedding, barbecue, halloween, Christmas, square, garden, indoor and outdoor decoration, etc.

4. It is also a good gift for friends and families.