Burgundy Wine Glass Bottle

Product Details

Product name

Burgundy Wine Glass Bottle

Product specification

Size: volume 750ML, 375ML, 500ML, 1L

Material: glass

Usage: wine packing

MOQ: 50000-200000pcs according to different capacity 

Colors: clear, amber, green, 

Surface: frosting, silkscreen, logo printing, hot stamping, polishing, electroplate UV and other craftsmanship

Packing: pallet and carton

Product descriptions

This burgundy wine glass bottle has a gently sloping shoulder, a domed punt and cork neck finish. The domed punt on the bottom of the bottle allows room for thumb to be placed inside to assist in bottle holding. Its base is wider than the Bordeaux glass bottle. This bottle is designed for packaging non-sparkling beverages only. It can be traditionally used to hold Chablis, Chardonnay, Syrah, Pinot Noir, or Aligoté.

Product features

1.The bottle has glass matarial which is eco-friendly and 100% safe for drink. No heavy metal.

2.The bottle is dark green, the appearance is very good. The printing can be customized. 

3. It has large capacity and is ideal for storing drink. Size can be customized.

4.It is widely used. It can be used not only to store wine, beer,  but also to store juice.