Big Food Glass Jar

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Big Food Glass Jar

Product description 

This big food glass jar is a convenient container in our life. It has wide applications and it can make life easy and nice. Just a small, it will add happiness to the users' lives.

Product features

1. Good transparency:the glass container is colorless and transparent and can be seen through the interior to observe the filling amount. The color tone of the contents, the size and dispersion of the pulp, and whether the beverage is layered, precipitated, and the like. It is convenient for consumers to choose and drink with confidence.

2. Good chemical stability: Glass bottles have good chemical stability and durability compared to other containers. This is where glass bottles are superior to other beverage containers.

3. Good sealing: Whether it's a pressurized carbonated beverage or a vacuum seedling drink, the glass bottle guarantees a complete seal. Unlike some plastic and paper containers, glass containers are not ventilated, so they can prevent the influence of outside air on beverages, such as vitamin C reduction, flavor deterioration, and the like.

4. Strong pressure resistance: The relationship between the strength of the glass bottle and the chemical composition of the glass is negligible, but the condition of the surface of the Berry bottle is closely related to its tensile properties. If the surface of the glass is scratched or bruised, the strength will be greatly reduced even with extremely slight damage, but for carbonated beverages, the pressure of the gas to be pressed is generally affordable.