Small Food Glass Jar

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Product name

Small Food Glass Jar

Product descriptions

The small food glass jar is a necessary container. It has wide applications in homes. And the different sizes of the jars can be offered. OEM service can be offered. This series of small food glass jar is good in quality and popular in market.

Product advantages

1. It has good chemical stability, non-toxic, tasteless, hygienic and clean, without any adverse effects on the packaging.

2. It has good barrier properties and it can provide good quality conditions.

3. The transparency is good and the contents are clearly visible.

4. Good rigidity and not easy to deform.

5. Good molding processability, can be processed into a variety of shapes.

6. Good temperature tolerance, high temperature sterilization, low temperature storage, pressure resistance and washing resistance. 

7. It is rich in raw materials, can be recycled and reused and has no pollution to the environment.