Glass Manufacturing Process

First to design and manufacture molds, glass raw materials silica sand as the main raw material, together with other materials melted into liquid at high temperature, and then injected into a mold, cooled, cut, tempering, forming glass bottles. Glass bottles generally have rigid signs, signs are also made from the mold shape. Glass bottle molding in accordance with production methods can be divided into the mouth blown, machine-blown and extrusion of three. Glass in accordance with the composition can be divided into the following categories: a three second lead glass was soda is glass borosilicate glass

Bottles natural ore is the main raw material, limestone, quartz, caustic soda, and so on. Glass bottle with a high degree of transparency and resistance to corrosion, material properties with the most chemical exposure do not change. The manufacturing process is simple, styling freedom and changeable, high hardness, resistance to heat, clean, easy to clean, and can be repeatedly used and so on. Glass as a packaging material is mainly used for food, oil, wine, beverages, condiments, liquid chemical products such as cosmetics and, very broad use. But glass also has its disadvantages, such as weight, high cost of transport, storage, impact resistance, etc.